The great advantage to buying your kitchen through Clapper's is that we have the tools to custom design your kitchen to fit your needs. Using the industry standard 20-20 design software, our resident design expert, Leroy Sparr can meet your needs and price range.

Below is a sample of what we can create using the design software. As you can see, we can give you a professional sample of what your kitchen will look like before you even install a cabinet. We will come to your house and measure the space for you kitchen at no charge.

 kitchen Any cabinets from the three kitchen suppliers that we use can be fit into your available space.

We can even add in appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and more. We have a full line of household appliances to fit your needs.


homecenter Any view, any angle, we're prepared to give you exactly what you want. Contact us now to set up the kitchen of your dreams.



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