Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces and Heaters

Vanguard vent-free fireplaces provide clean,quite,odorless heat. Because they are vent free, they are easy to install. If your home already uses natural gas, you are ready to go, but each fireplace also comes in a easy to install Propane version. The clean burning 99% heat efficient burner design allows the gas logs operate without a chimney. no outside venting is required so you eliminate heat loss and cold air drafts.

Classic Hearth

Ordinary vented gas fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces operate at much lower efficiencies and significantly higher costs, allowing beneficial heat to escape out the vent pipe or up the chimney. Also, since a the fireplaces operate without electricity, it is the perfect alternative for emergency heat during power outages. That's right...It's Y2k compliant!

There are a variety of models so you can select the comfort setting that best suits your needs. The thermostatically controlled model will automatically modulate to maintain your desired heat output, while the manually controlled model wallows you to select the heat setting and flame height you prefer. Fireplaces that are remote ready offer you the choice of four types of optional remote controls as well as the ability to operate the fireplace with a built-in variable manual control.

Accessories make the fireplace. Vanguard offers a broad choice of accessories and trip kits to match any decor. These options may be used with most of the Classic Hearth and Mini-Hearth models.



Cast Iron Stove

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Beautifully designed mantels are available in standard cabinet and space-saving corner designs. Finished mantels are offered in off-white, stained oak, and walnut stained hardwood. Unfinished hardwood mantels are ready to stain or paint. The hardwood hearth base is available in walnut finished hardwood, stained oak, and unfinished, ready to stain or paint.

Optional hardwood, oak and slim marble laminate hearth bases are available to further customize your fireplace to your home. The wooden hearth base is available in finished and unfinished hardwood or oak-ready to stain or paint. Firebox perimeter brass trim is also offered separately for custom installations and covers unfinished edges. A brick liner is available for the non-catalytic models.

A zero clearance model can be installed against (or recessed into) any wall that is accessible to your gas line. The firebox includes a flexible gas line connector for ease of installation. Operation is easy with user-friendly heater and blower controls concealed behind the lower louvered door panel. Just push the "matchless" piezo ignition, select your comfort setting and enjoy the convenience and beauty of your Classic Hearth, or Mini-Hearth Fireplace system.

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